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Martina Randall, DPM

Dr. Randall completed residency training with an emphasis on fore-foot, rear-foot and ankle trauma and reconstruction. Following residency Dr. Randall was selected to complete a fellowship in foot and ankle sports medicine and surgery. This unique fellowship gave her the opportunity to work along side surgeons treating athletes in the Seattle/Pacific North-West major sports teams, colleges and high schools. With a passion in sports she is skilled in Arthroscopy of the foot and ankle, but enjoys trauma/reconstruction, total joint replacement(including the ankle), and cosmetic procedures as well.

Dr. Randall specializes in minimally invasive procedures including bunion correction, and Achilles tendon repair. On a daily basis Dr. Randall deals with sprains, ruptures, tendinitis, fractures, and other foot and ankle pain due to flatfeet, and arthritis.


Thank you Doctor Randall. You rescued my ability to walk. And I knew from the moment we first had conversation that you were the right Doctor for the job. You were personable, open, and clear. You listened patiently and provided confidence via your evident expertise. I felt comfortable in your hands. And my suspicions were correct. My surgery has been exemplary; recovery swift. And the whole process was so streamlined and patient-oriented. I cannot recommend you highly enough. 5 stars plus plus. Thank you.

Michael A.

Working in healthcare for nearly 30 years, I have had the privilege of working with some of the best doctors, Dr. Randall is certainly the best. I had been experiencing left foot pain for nearly three years, and decided it was time to get it looked at. I chose Dr. Randall after watching her kindness, compassion and empathy with her patients. My first appointment went great and was able to tell me what was wrong before my MRI confirmed the problem. I scheduled my surgery, which went well. Dr. Randall not only described the surgery, recovery process and what to expect. She goes above and beyond for a physician , as she truly takes pride in her work, is empathetic and caring. I have never met a physician like her in nearly 30 years of working in health care. My foot is healing, and I will be returning to work soon. She truly has the patients best interest at heart and takes the extra step in all she does. I was blessed to have her as my surgeon, and will continue to see her for any and all of my needs. She is absolutely a kind hearted, caring provider who goes above and beyond for her patients.

Mary Ellen R.

First want to start saying that Dr. Martina Randall is an amazing person who cares sincerely for her patients , your in good hands. She is an excellent foot and ankle surgeon, she has the knowledge and definitely has the experience. You truly want a doctor who actually is passionate and caring this is the person to go to. I am so grateful to have met her and would recommend her to anyone. Please dont hesitate , she is the best who actually listens to all your concerns. Thank you Dr. Randall for all that you have done.

Mirna V.

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